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3D Industrial Mapping

Mallet Deliverables


100% of your facility captured with 3D scans bringing it to life. The entire facility securely accessible from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.


Mallet gives you a virtual knowledge management tool. Vital information and content such as instructions, floor plans, safety protocols, tags, IDs, and so much more!


Immersive training and onboarding experiences, leveraging 21st century technology. Engaging simulations and interactive modules to facilitate learning.


Via devices of your choosing enable real-time data collection and analysis. Leverage operational data, monitor equipment, detect anomalies, ensure optimal operations.

Benefits of Mallet 3D Imaging


Mallet creates a 3D model of your facility operations. We load this model with all the information your team needs to do their jobs. This makes sharing information easy. We create digitized technical manuals, common CIP (clean in place), maintenance and other equipment preparation procedures (and more) that guide personnel through procedures. This saves time, reduces risk, and increases productivity. Your team has the information they need when they need it.

A Digital Twin from Mallet greatly enhances day to day operations through:

  1. Augmented Reality which allows operators to see established procedures, along with any updates, in the field, in real time.
  2. Guided walk-throughs that demonstrate clear instructions and allow for precise location of equipment.
  3. Feature Tagging provides operators with easy access to a wealth of troubleshooting information, historical logs, and additional site context to better complete root cause analyses of operational concerns.
  4. Embedded examples which demonstrate LOTOTO procedures and other field applications.
  5. Virtual access offers more opportunities for operations teams to confirm equipment set up and communicate directly with contractors.
  6. Digital Monitoring of equipment without the need for costly onsite visits.
  7. Tailored Evaluations which allow for reliable vetting of new hires.
  8. Site Analytics which provide a more accurate assessment of operator effectiveness.
  9. And by allowing greater operator accountability and independence, leaving other employees free to perform more tasks.

Complete access to all maintenance records in the palm of your hand. Now you can locate and communicate problem areas with total accuracy and surrounding context. This is huge for improving safely, reducing costs, and getting more done with less. Personnel can leave notes on equipment, send them to applicable parties, connect with outside experts. This ensures precise information and clear instructions. Keep a digital record of maintenance work that technicians can easily access on site.

A Digital Twin reduces maintenance inefficiencies by providing:

  1. Quick onsite access to complete maintenance records, including an image database that shows proper functioning as well as charting wear and damage over time.
  2. Linked notes with attached images which provide clear communication of updates, delays, or tasks to be finished.
  3. Tour Links that can direct personal to the precise location of onsite issues.
  4. Tags that attach equipment specs, user manuals, and internal and external repair documentation to specific plant features.
  5. Training tools for internal upskilling by scenario and identification-based lessons.
  6. Virtual access for maintenance personnel, contractors, and management, which significantly cuts down on time spent in the field.
  7. And accurate measurements for mapping out a space, reviewing schematics, or training new hires in detailed virtual environments.

Mallet gives you the power to plan easier, faster, and with more accuracy. You get the tools to host virtual meetings inside laser accurate 3D models of your facility. Walk the site together without leaving your respective locations. Monitor the progress of projects and communicate in real-time with questions, follow-up, and any changes. The time savings with this kind of efficiency is phenomenal. Mallet makes your job easier, your performance more advanced, and your boss very happy.

Streamline planning by using Digital Twins to:

  1. Create and communicate accurate measurements, for more precisely mapping out a space (useful when acquiring new equipment or preparing for renovation).
  2. Significantly reduce time spent in the plant by confirming specific equipment and highlighting potential concerns with Engineering, Contractors, and Consultants in a virtual space.
  3. Host virtual meetings where all concerned parties can explore the space and access detailed and up to date information.
  4. Distribute updatable scans to provide a routinely consistent look at the progress of any given site project.
  5. And track user analytics that can better highlight problem areas (e.g. where operators are spending most of their time or areas of heightened danger).

Mallet tags and clearly labels all danger areas including all necessary equipment information. This communicates risks in real time, cutting down on site visits, gives clear safety instructions to visitors or personnel, allows safe and accurate inspections of the field from the safety of the office. Onsite accuracy without onsite risk! Timely access to all procedures (standard, emergency, maintenance prep, etc.). All parties can see the facility without risk or time requirements of travel to the facility. By digitizing emergency procedural manuals and loading them into a digital twin of the facility, personnel (no matter if new or senior staff) can access all the information they need onsite, at the touch of a button. This is a game-changer for safety.

Digital Twins significantly reduce the risk of danger, and plants that use Digital Twins can:

  1. Easily place visually compelling warning labels on danger areas.
  2. Embed pop-up messages to reminder operators of necessary precautions.
  3. Create unambiguous instructions, cutting down on operator mistakes.
  4. Update and share temporary dangers to the whole team in real time.
  5. Provide quick access to a complete array of emergency procedures, cutting down on guess work or wasted time searching for answers.
  6. Use detailed virtual spaces in the pre-planning phase to quicken the process of ensuring that everyone has a vantage point of the space in question and its entire process context.
  7. Generate heat mapping to see where operators on a new process will spend most of their time prior to any humans being in the space, which will provide safety teams with the ability to prevent hazards.
  8. Develop Virtual Reality training simulations so new employees can practice tasks in inherently dangerous situations, without the risk of injury.
  9. Use Augmented Reality to provide clear instructions to visitors and contractors about areas of the plant, specific hazards, and emergency protocols/mustering points.
  10. And create lock out, tag out, try out procedures. Any crew member can be provided with step-by-step instruction or AR version of how to properly prepare any process for entry/hot work/confined space.

Take training into the 21st century with interactive modules of your facility. The impact of this kind of visual learning significantly increases the speed of training, the success of the trainee (increase employee retention) while cutting costs, increasing safety, and so much more! You can also use pre-hire assessments to test applicant knowledge.

Training new and existing employees in a digital space is far superior to lectures, video lessons, and paper training, both in terms of understanding and retention. Digital Twins can be used to build a training environment that:

  1. Is faster, cheaper, safer, and can be accomplished wherever, whenever.
  2. Breaks complex tasks into manageable steps and utilizes image tagging to specify exactly what success or failure of those steps looks like.
  3. Allows users to engage in interactive practice in a safe but similar environment—cutting down risks of training in dangerous environments, reducing wear and tear of practicing on live equipment, all while communicating competency to training managers.
  4. Creates a more imaginative and exciting experience, to motivate trainees to learn and engage in the job activity.
  5. Contains a database of operator knowledge, through notes, images, and video files, that allows subject matter experts to provide advice to new hires without the need for SMEs to be busied with lengthy trainings.
  6. And allows training evaluators to precisely gauge the level and pace of new hire learning.

Mallet Processes


No matter if you’re in Operations, Safety, Training, Planning, or Maintenance, Mallet 3D scans are a powerful tool for implementing your most critical business functions with the guidance of our implementation team.


Mallet writes professional procedures customized with applicable scans, safety hazard analysis guidelines, training documentation, augmented reality, analytics, heat maps, and more!


Mallet takes real-time data from processes and recreates them in a 3D world for flows, pressures, temperatures, levels, value movements, cycling of equipment, and any combination of protocols or SOPs.

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