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Add More Time to Your Day

    Does this sound familiar?
    You’re grinding away on that weekly productivity report your boss wants. There’s a knock at the door. It’s one of your operators and she needs clarification on that procedural change you emailed everyone about last week. It’s a good question. So you head out to the shop floor, happy to spend five minutes showing her exactly what you meant and then you’ll get right back to work. Or will you?

    Half an hour later, maintenance shows up asking about the same project followed by the new floor supervisor. An hour after that and there’s a shift change, which brings in several new operators, all with the same question. Suddenly those short five minute exchanges have taken hours out of your day, and that productivity report still isn’t finished.

    You need a better way. 

    Introducing Mallet – The better way. 

    This situation would have been avoided using the Notes feature in which you can answer the question once, showing the whole team where and what the change is, without any confusion.

    Here’s how Mallet works:

    With Mallet as your smart technology you confidently keep your team working on the same page, without taking time away from your own work. Not only is your productivity report finished, but it’s now showing a 30% faster enddate to that new project.

    That’s how you add time to your day.
    That’s Mallet.

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