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The Story of Mallet

    As head of a training and consulting company I’m always looking for ways to improve our client experience and increase our productivity.

    One of the common client desires is complete on-site training. We do this nationwide but it’s not without its problems. The issues in the field are simply that the equipment is on and running and therefore generally only a few people can hear me talk over the equipment. Not to mention, traveling from the classroom to where the equipment is takes precious time away from the overall training.

    For the classroom training, I was limited to pictures or video clips, and the recollection of how the system is really put together.

    I went in search of a tool as a consumer, and simply for the ability to be more specific and contextual, when talking about equipment at hand. I discovered 3D scanning of the industrial site, equipment, and processes.

    WOW! This was a game-changer. Immediately attention and retention went up. And I realized that there was so many other applications for which this kind of scanning could be used.

    I created quizzes based on the actual procedures to practice on the actual digital (virtual) equipment. Questions from the class no matter how big or small could be asked live. Lining out pipes, identifying every nook and cranny of their particular system, all without the potential safety hazards and hinderances. It has been tremendous.

    The applications of this investment are literally limitless as the scan itself becomes integrated Into new technology, that is being born by the hour. This service goes far beyond *my* training and consulting world. The value goes far beyond any one industry.

    And I mean it when I say, I’m confident in this service because I personally use it and benefit from it every day.