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Have Fewer Meetings But Get More Done

    The work you do is important and it’s equally important that you and your team are on the same page. But this often means you find yourself inundated with meetings. 

    You meet with the operations team, the maintenance department, with off site contractors, with the overseas head of development, with the sales rep who’s on the road constantly, with the vice president who’s never actually been to your plant and the list goes on. 

    Did you know research provided by Forbes suggests that half of the meetings held are a waste of time? 

    In addition to the actual meeting, time is spent juggling schedules and setting up conference calls–and time spent traveling when the meeting demands onsite presence. All of this means you spend more time meeting to discuss work than doing the actual work.

    You need a resource that cuts through the meeting madness. 

    You need Mallet 3D.

    Mallet 3D models will save hours of wasted time and improve communication. For example, the Notes feature in this technology lets you send detailed information to anyone and everyone with the click of a button (insert Notes feature video).

    Instead of sending a team member to a location, you can send the location to the team with a simple link. 

    And if you do need to meet, schedule that meeting inside of the 3D model itself, keeping focus where it should be–on where the work is happening. 

    Get more done with less time, less hassle, and greater efficiency all around! Get more done with Mallet. 

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